The focus at Sebastian Wild Cakes is on creating sculpted cakes that resemble real objects, to the point where you, your friends, family or clients will question whether they are not in fact the genuine article. That is our "wow" factor and it allows us to create unique and highly personalised compositions which we hope will be talked about long after your event. If it is a more traditional square, round or multi-tiered cake you are after, Sebastian Wild Cakes is not the company for you...unless of course you want those tiers to look like anything other than cake, for example, a haphazard stack of designer boutique boxes, a pile of dusty old leather-bound volumes or even a pyramid of different artisan cheese wheels!

At Sebastian Wild Cakes every element of every commission is done by hand. We never use edible printed images, which, although very popular nowadays, in our opinion have no artistic merit. Similarly, whilst we are happy to draw inspiration for a composition from any material you may wish to supply, we will never copy the work of another cake artist.

Like a sculptor with a block of marble or a painter with a canvas, layered sponge is essentially just the medium with which we create our art. To that end, whilst the taste of our cakes is incredibly important to us, we do not offer a wide spectrum of flavour combinations. Sponges are either vanilla (as standard) or chocolate (on request) flavoured, with individual layers filled with Swiss meringue buttercream of the same flavouring. The whole is then coated with either the same buttercream or, more usually, with chocolate ganache, before being covered with fondant icing. Additional elements of the composition may include gum paste (hardened fondant) icing, modelling chocolate and rice krispie cake. Our cakes are neither gluten nor dairy free, however, we are always happy to discuss alternative recipes and ingredients should you have specific dietary requirements.

Please note, in order to create compositions that would be unachievable made from entirely edible constituents, some of our cakes may incorporate inedible internal structural elements.

As every cake we make is unique, designed to meet your specific brief, we have no set prices. Similarly, the price of our cakes is not calculated on a cost-per-slice basis but is determined to a greater extent by the complexity of a composition. For example, if it is more time consuming to complete, a cake for 40 people could potentially cost more than something larger but less complicated for 100. The minimum charge for any cake is £400, with prices rising to £2,000+.